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The Local Language Club

Welcome to The Local!

Who are we and what are we doing here?

Simply put, The Local is the location that links language learning and practicality.

It’s also a creative space and a dynamic environment for people to exercise language and improve bilingualism.

Here we will provide the platform for everyone to connect Polish & English.

At The Local we will offer English language learning, business or casual, individually or as part of groups.

Events such as Quiz evenings, Music workshops, Stand-up comedy, seasonal events, to name a few.

Coffee from both Irish roasters and local Polish based roasters.

The philosophy behind this project is to have a positive place for the community, develop and improve on language through genuine communication, well-structured meetings and lessons along with a real experience of the English language.

angielski wejherowo

We are here to grow, let’s see where we go.